Our Process

Arranging your Medical Appointment

Upon receipt of your instruction, we will attempt to contact you to arrange your medical appointment. We will review our panel of experts and their availability and arrange an appointment that is most convenient for you. This will be done in line with any special requirements you have and as close to your home or work address as possible.

Any expert we select for you will be accredited by MedCo and qualified to carry out medical reports in personal injury cases. On Medical also carry out extensive checks on all medical experts to ensure their ongoing credibility and validity.

The appointment is arranged as a face-to-face consultation. If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will look to re-arrange this for a more convenient date, time or venue.

Photographic ID – It is essential that the medical expert is able to confirm your identity. Please take with you some form of Photographic ID. This can be:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Provisional Driving Licence

If you do not have an official form of Photographic ID, you can use one of the following, if you also take a utility bill or bank statement to confirm your address:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Card
  • Bus Pass or Work ID

Litigation Friend – If the Claimant is under 18 years old or is an adult who lacks the capacity to manage their own case, an adult (the Litigation Friend) must attend the appointment with them.

Before Attending the Appointment:

  • Check the venue address ahead of the appointment to make sure you know where you need to go.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early where possible. The medical expert may have additional paperwork for you to complete on arrival.
  • Be prepared for delays. It is possible that the expert may overrun some appointments, so you may not be seen on time. The experts do their best to keep delays to a minimum, but you may have to wait for your appointment on the day.

The experts are responsible for setting up the virtual appointment. They will contact you in advance to provide the link needed to connect. This is often done on the day of and, in some cases, just before your appointment.

During your Medical Appointment

The appointment should last at least 15 minutes. The medical expert will ask you what happened in the accident itself and will take note of the injuries you sustained as a result.

The expert can only prepare the report based on what is discussed at the appointment so please be sure to mention all of the injuries you sustained as a result of the accident. In addition, if you have fully recovered from a particular injury, it is important that you still mention this to the expert, so that they have a full account of what happened and how the accident has affected you.

The expert will also ask about how the injuries have affected your day-to-day life, covering topics such as:

• Have you had to take any time off work?

• Has your home/family life been affected in any way?

• Have you had to stop doing any leisure activities?

The expert may ask you to demonstrate the range of movement you have following injury and may need to physically assess your injuries. You are welcome to take a partner or chaperone to the appointment if you prefer.

The Medical Report

After the appointment, the medical expert will use all the information you provide them to compile your report. The purpose of the report is for the expert to confirm your injuries and to provide their prognosis for how long they expect the injuries will take to resolve. This is required in order for your claim to be valued.

Quality Assurance

The expert will send the report to On Medical in the first instance. It will undergo an extensive checklist by our experienced team to ensure it is accurate and compliant. The report is part of a legal process and so we have to be sure that, if your case progresses to Court, the report is admissible as evidence.

When we are satisfied the report meets all the necessary criteria, we will upload the PDF document to the OIC Portal for you to view. We will notify you when this is done and provide further guidance for the next stage.


When you receive the report, we advise that you read through it carefully. If you spot any factual inaccuracies or any in relation to what was discussed with the expert at the appointment, you can request amendments to the report via the OIC Portal.

We will then liaise with the medical expert to get the report amended as swiftly as possible and upload again to the OIC portal for your review.

Submitting the Report

Once you are happy with the report, you will then submit it to the Compensator via the OIC Portal.

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