Glossary of Terms

The medico-legal process can be confusing, which is why we've compiled a jargon busting Glossary of Terms, to help explain some of the terms you may come across during the process:


That’s you. You are the person making the personal injury claim and the legal term for this is “Claimant.”


This is the person who caused the accident you were involved in. We also sometimes refer to them as the “Third Party.”

CPR Part 35

Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules is the part of the law in the England and Wales that governs how Personal Injury Claims should progress. The medical report obtained for your claim must be complaint with CPR Part 35.

Third Party Insurer/ Compensator

This is the insurance company that the Defendant/Third Party is insured by. They will be the ones who pay your compensation at the end of the claim.


MedCo is the system used in the UK to facilitate the sourcing of initial medical reports in relation to all Road Traffic Accident personal injury claims.

OIC Portal

The Official Injury Claim Portal is a service which enables you to make a personal injury claim without the requirement of legal assistance. This has been set up to make the claim process as simple as possible for you as an Unrepresented Claimant.

Unrepresented Claimant

As you have opted not to instruct a Solicitor to handle your claim, you are known as an Unrepresented Claimant, which means you represent yourself in matters relating to the claim.


Direct Medical Expert. Some medical experts will take instructions directly through the OIC Portal. This means you would work directly with them to obtain your report.


Medical Report Organisation. This is what On Medical 24/7 is. We are set up specifically to assist you in obtaining the report you need for your claim.


Did Not Attend. If you miss your medical appointment, it is noted on our file as a DNA.

Fixed Cost Report

The report obtained for you will be a Fixed Cost Report. This just means there is a cap on what we and the medical expert can charge for the report. These fees are covered by the Third Party Insurer/Compensator.

Further Fixed Cost Report

If the medical expert advises that your injuries will be better assessed by a different expert, we can obtain a Further Fixed Cost Report from the recommended expert.


General Medical Council. This is the governing body that all doctors in the UK are required to register with in order to be licenced to practice.


Health and Care Professions Council. Similar to the GMC, all health care professionals (such as Physiotherapists, Nurses, and Psychotherapists) must be registered with the HCPC in order to practice.

Litigation Friend

If the Claimant is under 18 years old or is an adult who lacks the mental capacity to manage their own court case, an adult should be appointed to assist with the handling of their claim. They are known as the Litigation Friend and will be the person we liaise with the arrange the appointment and confirm the report is accurate.

Form of Authority

If the medical expert asks to review your medical records to have a better understanding of any potential pre-existing conditions, we will send you a Form of Authority to obtain your consent for us to contact your GP and any Hospitals you may have attended to request copies of the relevant records.


Confirmation of an injury you have sustained.


Confirmation of how long it should take for that injury to resolve.

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