Covid-19 Guidelines

At the current time we have medical experts offering both remote and face to face examinations. You are not obliged to choose a specific examination type, however availability of face-to-face appointments may be limited.

We summarise the pros and cons of each examination method below. Should you have any concerns or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This guidance will be revised periodically.

Remote Examinations


The examination can take place in your own home.

Medical experts may not be able to comment upon certain injuries, meaning a face to face appointment may be required in limited cases.

The majority of injuries can be assessed by video conference.

An insurer might challenge the medical report if certain conditions haven’t been complied with.

On Medical have developed and implemented a robust process to ensure that all the conditions are complied with.

Your claim can be progressed without delay.

Face-to-Face Examinations


Medical experts would likely be able to assess all injuries within their expertise.

Your ability to attend an examination will be dictated by Government advice on movement in force at the time.

There is unlikely to be any challenge by an insurer in respect of the type of examination.

You will need to travel to a consulting room nearest to you.

Any examination would be conducted in accordance with current Government guidelines on social distancing.

If you are self-isolating, you will not be able to attend an appointment.

There may be fewer available appointments as not all experts are conducting this type of examination.