Why do I Need a Medical Report?

If you suffer an injury as the result of an accident, and you are making a claim for compensation, you’ll need a medical report.

The process is done by dedicated medical professionals – On Medical 24/7’s national coverage and 24-hour operation makes us the ideal choice – who specialise in these requirements.

But what is a medical report used for? How does it fit in with a personal injury compensation claim? This article aims to explain why.

What is a medical report?

When you make a claim for compensation, one of the legal requirements is to have a valid medical report. This will be a fact-based document compiled by an independent medical professional who will conduct a one-to-one session with you to ascertain the nature of the accident and the injuries sustained as a result.

Then, the medical professional will input their opinion in terms of type of injury, injury severity and the projected recovery period, before this report is used as part of the negotiation process between the parties involved.

What is it used for?

A medical report is used to identify the injuries being compensated for and is the basis of a personal injury claim. It is a hugely important part of the negotiation process as it is the evidence which settlement figures are based on.

Do I need one?

Yes, as part of any personal injury compensation claim, you must, by law, have a medical report to identify injuries and use as evidence when seeking a suitable level of compensation for the accident. The medical reporting process also helps to counter any fraudulent claims which may arise, with claimants not able to generate their own medical reports; these must be done by independent medical professionals.

How do I start the process?

When seeking this document, if you were the driver or passenger in a vehicle involved in a non-fault accident you, or your solicitor, will be able to choose a medico-legal reporting provider through the Official Injury Claim portal.

Although there is a choice of medico-legal provider, there’s only one that offers 24/7 client care, avoiding the restrictions of 9-5pm office hours, and a team that are tireless in their attempts to progress your medical report.

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