What if you Want to Amend a Medical Report?

The creation of a medical report is an important part of any claim for compensation after an accident.

The details of the document are used as the foundation for negotiations between the two parties involved. As part of this process, one of the final requirements is to thoroughly check the details provided and ensure they are correct to the best of your knowledge.

There are certain aspects which are open to amendment, and it is important to provide feedback when needed.

That way you can get the most accurate report possible. But what can be amended is limited.

The report is compiled by an independent medical professional, who provides their input based on an appointment with you, where you tell them the nature of the accident, the extent of your injuries and other relevant information.

They will then provide their opinion before the final report is available for checking.

You are able to amend any factual details which may be incorrect, for example name and address or in the descriptions of injuries. In the latter, if a report states your left shoulder is injured when you know it to be your right shoulder, this can be altered. However, it is not possible to alter the written opinion of the medical professional once submitted.

If you wish to amend it, send amends to the team at On Medical 24/7 and they can request them quickly.

“It is important that the report provides the correct details as it may be used as evidence in legal proceedings,” said On Medical 24/7 Head of Commercial Sarah Maddison.

“Our team work diligently to ensure your report is as accurate as possible, but the final check, from the client, is an important part of the process.

“By choosing a Tier One medico-legal agency like On Medical 24/7, not only do you get the best possible service working around the clock for you, you also get the reassurance that we will make sure your medical report is clear, concise and accurate.”

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