Physio: Life Behind the Scenes

Being a physio at On Medical 24/7, no one day is the same, with plenty of variety and challenges to stimulate employees.

We took a look behind the scenes to find out what life is like as a physio, from a physio’s point of view.

Michael Armstrong, recently promoted to the role of On Medical 24/7 Head of Clinical Services, has been a physiotherapist at the company for 13 years. He joined us for a Q and A about the role:

How does a usual week go as an On Medical physio?

There’s a good variation of duties; assessing new patients, which we spend 45 minutes to an hour doing in the interests of thoroughness and accuracy, treating patients to help recovery with ‘hands-on’ manual therapy, delivering rehabilitation sessions in our on-site gym, performing telephone triage to ensure physiotherapy will be right for our patients, and liaising with external parties (eg. GPs).

Is there training and development available?

Yes, we have protected time each week for in-house continuing professional development (CPD) and also send our physiotherapists on external courses to ensure that the treatment given at On Medical is the best possible.

Can you choose what direction that progression and development takes?

Absolutely, physiotherapists here can decide which of the many available courses they’d like to undertake, whether that’s with the society of musculoskeletal medicine (SOMM), The McKenzie Institute, an AACP-approved acupuncture course, or any other that will develop and improve their practise.

On Medical will usually contribute towards the cost of any course that will be utilised in a physio’s day-to-day duties.

What are the benefits of working at On Med?

Competitive pay, appropriate appointments times, clinical supervision and support from more experienced staff, initial training period, generous holidays.

Keep an eye on our vacancies page for opportunities to join the team.

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