On Medical Return to Full Capacity

On Medical’s staff returned to our office on Monday, continuing our market-leading transition during unprecedented times with a return to full capacity.

On Medical was one of the first medical reporting agencies to switch to a fully virtual service at the beginning of lockdown – when face-to-face appointments and treatment were suspended in the face of coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown – and are once again at the forefront of the safe return to a Covid-19 secure office environment with a return to full capacity.

After 115 days of working from home, we have welcomed back our full complement of staff after extensive work went into making our office spaces Covid compliant. Ensuring the safety of staff has been our top priority while continuing to deliver for our clients.

Head of On Medical, Ian Scanlan, said “Our staff have been phenomenal in dealing with the crisis and have been very understanding of the long-term business needs in returning to work. We have a great bunch of people here.”

“We have returned to the office now to guarantee the highest levels of service to our clients, ensure the quickest case lifecycles, and to be on hand to assist with any queries or bespoke issues that may arise as a result of the current market volatility.

“We are working towards transitioning our expert and treatment panels back to face-to-face appointments. This is a fluid process and we must ensure that we have regulatory compliance across all experts before implementing any changes. However, we are confident that this can be achieved by mid-August.

“On Medical will be making PPE available to all clients attending medical appointments and will be sending this directly to the client to ensure safety and compliance.

“We are currently surpassing all our SLA’s (including those of MedCo) and have further capacity available.”

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