Helpful Guide: Your Medical Report

When facing the prospect of conducting your own claim for compensation, it can seem intimidating, complex and leave you feeling uncertain. This is perfectly understandable when facing a new scenario.

The good news is the team at On Medical 24/7 is here to help. With extensive experience in medical reporting, a Tier One status and the very best staff waiting to help 24 hours a day, On Medical should be your option when seeking a medical report following a non-fault accident.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together the key points to requesting and receiving a medical report to be used in a claim for personal injury compensation.

The Official Injury Claims Portal

This has been created by Government, in conjunction with insurers, to allow unrepresented claimants to conduct their own claim if they have suffered an injury that wasn’t their fault following an accident. If the potential value of compensation for this injury – notably whiplash – is lower than £5,000 then claimants must use the portal.

To continue a claim, it is mandatory to get a medical report from an independent medical professional who can assess your injuries and provide a report for you.

This is where we come in.

What happens next?

Once you request On Medical 24/7 through the Official Injury Claims Portal, we will receive relevant information, submitted by yourself on the portal, to assist in building up a picture of your injuries. Using this information, our team will arrange an appointment for you with an independent medical expert so they can assess your injuries.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

That’s not a problem, but please let our team know so we can rearrange your appointment for a more convenient time. We are available for you 24 hours a day.

Your appointment

During your appointment with an independent medical professional, they will study the information you submitted through the OIC portal – the circumstances of the accident and the injuries sustained as a result – and discuss it with you. Please bring a copy with you, if possible, for reference.

Your report

Following your appointment, the medical expert will complete their report before sending it to our 24-hour team for checking. It will then be uploaded to the OIC portal for you to check all details are correct. Please note, you cannot amend opinions of the medical professional, only the factual elements.

If you wish to amend any of these factual elements, please do so through the OIC portal but do it before you accept the report. Should you suggest amends, the report will be returned to the medical professional for further consideration.

Once you have accepted the report through the OIC portal, it will be sent to the compensator, who will base your compensation offer on the findings included.

We appreciate this can be a potentially tricky situation to navigate. That’s why our team is on hand day and night to support you. To ask any questions about the process, please call us on 0344 576 1576. Alternatively, use the enquiry form on our website, or request a Live Chat.

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