COVID-19: On Medical Active Instructing Party Update

Considering the continuing developments regarding COVID-19, we are constantly reviewing our processes to ensure we can operate efficiently and safely in a number of modelled scenarios.


We currently have 50% of staff working from home, prioritising the most vulnerable and at risk. Staff working from home will have access to all software and telephony systems as in the office, ensuring there is minimal disruption to service.

Additional security measures have been implemented in line with our ISO 27001 policies.  We are more than capable of increasing our working from home capacity to 90% within 36 hours if required.

Client Journey

We fully understand that clients may wish to cancel or postpone their appointments amidst any concern over COVID-19.

Currently MedCo’s stance is that all appointments must be physical. We are therefore adopting a completely flexible approach with regards to appointments.

We will re-arrange any MedCo appointments, at any moment’s notice, to a time more suited, and in addition, we will not be raising any invoices for late cancellations or DNA’s on any MedCo files from today.

Whilst we have already encouraged clients to act safely and in their best interests by re-arranging appointments in advance should they feel unwell, we also appreciate that this situation is developing so rapidly that this may not always be possible.

Therefore, processes for late cancellations and DNA’s will remain the same. However, no costs will be borne by you or the client.

Expert Coverage

We are of course monitoring our Expert Panel coverage. At present, we have complete coverage but will remain totally transparent if we are unable to service any particular areas. We are monitoring trends and feel comfortable with our panel at present. 

We have already increased our capabilities to offer desktop appointments and virtual physio appointments should the need arise further down the line.

We will continue to update you on a regular basis but please be assured we have planned for, and enacted policies for, these contingencies and are confident that our service will remain within SLA’s during this period.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require anything further.

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