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Since 6th April 2015, the Medco Portal must always be used for sourcing initial medical reports in soft tissue injury claims that have been brought under the RTA Protocol.

Why select On Medical on the portal?

We can provide:

  • A nationwide network of medical experts.
  • Fast turnaround times – all cases instructed within 48 hours.
  • Flexible appointment locations and times.
  • High quality reports thoroughly checked for CPR compliance.

How the system works

When you access MedCo to select a Medical Reporting Agency (MRO), MedCo will randomly generate a list of MROs for you. This will include two high volume national providers and five regional MROs.

Once you select your chosen agency the portal will create a unique MedCo Case ID, which must be given to the MRO by the claimant representative. The MRO will then upload certain key data from the report on an anonymised basis once the report is completed and the unique MedCo Case ID ties to the search result.

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