Complaints Procedure

Here at On Medical, we are dedicated to providing a seamless & professional service to all. To achieve this, we adopt a ‘Right First Time’ approach in all areas of the business. Feedback is important to our success and we are here to listen, whether positive or negative.

We take all complaints about the quality of our services seriously and review complaints to identify trends/area for improvement.

Through our dedicated Training & Development Team, process and procedure change is implemented to improve those areas identified.

Complaints Procedure

Definition of a complaint: On Medical identifies a complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction, received via telephone (verbal) or in writing (email, letter or Live Chat).

Definition of enquiry: On Medical identifies an enquiry as an act of asking questions(s) to gain information.

Step One: All our advisors are fully trained and ready to help with any informal complaint. For an efficient resolution please contact us via telephone 0344 576 1576, in writing via email or via Live Chat (available from any page of our website).

Step Two: If you are not happy with the initial response, please request to speak with a Team Leader who will record a formal complaint for you and look to resolve it.

Step Three: If you are not fully satisfied with the outcome of step two, please request that your complaint be escalated to the Complaints Manager.

What Happens Next?

The Complaints Manager will contact you within 48 hours of escalation, for all complaints relating to Medico-Legal reporting a full and satisfactory resolution should be achieved within 20 days of the initial date received.

In the event that a satisfactory resolution cannot be agreed within 20 days, you can submit your complaint in writing to the Head of On Medical (address below), Ian Scanlan (Company Director). A final offer of resolution will be received within 7-10 days.

Our promise to you

  • We will be fully transparent throughout the complaints process
  • Customer Focus is our number one priority and we keep the process simple and clear
  • All explanations will be evidence-based and we will be responsible and accountable for your complaint
  • We will listen, understand and respect your complaint
  • Your complaint will be investigated thoroughly and fairly to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all
  • Continuous improvement is key to our business success and in turn your customer satisfaction, your feedback is respected and reviewed to help us achieve the best possible service

Contact Information

or write to:

The Complaints Manager

On Medical Limited

52 Heaton Road


Newcastle upon Tyne


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